The road to Bagni di Lucca

The way to Bagni di Lucca

The way to Bagni di Lucca

This monumental road sign stands at the intersection of Borgo Giannotti and Via San Marco just to the north of Porta Santa Maria, the main northern gate to the city of Lucca. Borgo Giannotti was a meeting and resting point for merchants on their way from the port at Viareggio to the Garfagnana where they sold their wares. There are many other interesting things to be discovered in Borgo Giannotti and I’ve written about some of them in my blog on the Slow Travel Tours website:

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6 Responses to The road to Bagni di Lucca

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    It is enormous…and I have never seen it.

    • Heather Jarman says:

      At first glance you’d think it’s yet another war memorial, and at that intersection you’d be wise to look at the traffic which comes whizzing around the corner from Borgo Giannotti into Via San Marco. The bottom of the monument tells us that Lucca is only 21 metres above sea level. I checked the internet and it’s right!

  2. Michelle S says:

    Interesting…I need to look up more:)
    Have been down Borgo Giannotti a few times but must ahve my head in the clouds:)

    • Heather Jarman says:

      That’s the joy of staying in one place and returning to places you think you know. Each time there’s something new or you notice things that were there all the time.

  3. janie says:

    Why haven’t I ever been here before? I will make it a priority on my next visit. Thank you for all the great info Heather. I tried numerous times to leave a comment on your website and couldn’t get past leaving the code.

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