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Making tourism work to sustain the rural economy and the people

You will encounter an endangered lifestyle which we don’t want to disappear

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Inspiring culinary tours of life behind the scenes that you won't find in any guidebook

Get to know the food artisans and crafts people of Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont and Liguria

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Let Italy surprise you

Discover a gentle way of life, a generosity of spirit and the enjoyment of simple pleasures

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Join in with the locals

Pick grapes and olives with the estate owner, bake bread with the village baker, cut the cheese curd with the shepherd, cook with Italian mammas, party at village festivals

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Enjoy Italy's cultural and natural heritage

Music, art, architecture, gardens, shopping and walks in glorious countryside


Sapori e Saperi Adventures are vacations for people who daydream about finding a shepherdess on a hillside with her flock and being transported to her cantina to watch her make pecorino cheese; people who can't stare at a bottle of olive oil without wondering when and how the olives are picked, pressed and bottled; people who love to cook and eat.

The Adventures open locked doors to a brand new palette of exquisite flavours (sapori) and new skills and knowledge (saperi).

Sign up for one of our seasonal small-group tours or contact us to arrange a personalised tour for you or your group from a day to as long as you like.

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Sapori e Saperi Adventures is a member of Slow Travel Tours, an affiliation of small-group trip operators offering personalised tours to Europe. All have a similar travel philosophy of spending more time in fewer places to develop an understanding and appreciation for the countries we visit. If one of our trips is not right for you, please look at those of others in this group. Follow the Slow Travel Tours blog to learn more about our way of travel, and read Heather's latest post!

Heather's Blog...

Healthy or Unhealthy?

I feel vaguely uncomfortable every time I hear the phrases ‘healthy eating’ and ‘balanced diet’. It’s not that I disapprove of eating healthily or balancing my diet, it’s just that I’m not sure we can ever know what these terms mean. A recent article in The Guardian newspaper by Joa ...
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The Garfagnana: Paragon of Biodiversity

At noon on Wednesday 9 April in Florence, Dr Francesca Camilli of the Italian National Research Council will present a paper to the 1st  European UNESCO-SCBD* Conference on ‘Linking Biological and Cultural Diversity in Europe’.  Her paper is entitled: ‘The Garfagnana Model: exploitation of a ...
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A Gold for Soppressata

Last week I wrote about getting to know my clients before they even arrive. Often our friendship continues after they leave. There’s the chef from Santa Barbara who came on a private tour in 2009. I visit her and her husband, and now their young daughter, every time I go to see my sister in Los An ...
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Clients are Friends

By Gina Piazza and Heather Jarman One of the great pleasures of organising tours and courses is getting to know my clients. Often this happens during the initial phases of communication, even if people are booking a Small Group Tour or one of our Courses with Artisans for which the dates and pro ...
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A Homage to Women

By Penny Barry and Heather Jarman Penny writes about the opening of Bagni di Lucca’s celebration of women, and I add a few kitchen notes to the photos below. March 8th is International Women’s Day, commonly known in Italy as Festa delle Donne, or, as my husband and I affectionately call it ...
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