Moments of Glory

Three times every winter we organise an Advanced Salumi Course. During the course participants learn the theory of Italian salumi from Giancarlo Russo, Slow Food consultant, and work alongside Italian artisan norcini (pork butchers) making sausages, salami and other traditional cured pork products. Here are some proud moments from our course that ended yesterday.

Crowe holds up his salamis

TJ Crowe, Irish pig breeder, slaughterer and butcher at Crowe Meats, with his salami

Home with salami

Rachael Home, English wild boar rearer at Home Forestry, with her salami

Wilson with salami

Tim Wilson, English chef at the Groucho Club, London, and his salami

McCarthy fills salami

Tim McCarthy, Irish butcher of McCarthy's of Kanturk, filling salami casing

Ferguson and sausages

Fingal Ferguson, Irish pig breeder and smoker at Gubbeen Smokehouse, with his sausages

Kingsford and sausages

Brian Kingsford, American chef at Bacaro Restaurant, and his sausages

Home with sausages

Rachael again, this time with a handful of sausages

Turri with mondiola

Our maestro Ismaele Turri holding a mondiola, salami typical of the Garfagnana

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