Personalised Adventures

Personalised Adventures

italy_viewThese fascinating learning holidays are specially designed for you and your family, friends, club or organisation — anyone who enjoys good food and drink and wants to find out where it comes from and how it's produced.
We guide you to places you'd never find on your own in a magical land of 'il bello e il buono' (the beautiful and the good) where 'il tempo non corre' (time stands still). Hands-on activities like picking olives and cooking lessons give you a real feel for the ingredients and cuisine. You are welcomed into the 'laboratories' and homes of small artisanal producers eager to show you how traditional foods have been made for centuries or how they have introduced new technology without compromising the end result. Meals in family restaurants are times to relax and savour the fruits of the season and how the locals use them. The adventures are spiced with liberal sprinklings of shopping, walks, music, art, traditional crafts, gardens and architecture. (Group size: 1–10 people)

  • January

    January is a month for snuggling up in front of a roaring fire, but if the weather is good, it's also the season for mountain...

  • February

    Carnival celebrations and banquets to say farewell to meat (carne) before Lent. Viareggio is second only to Venice for its Carnival parade of stupendous animated...

  • March

    You'll know the end of winter is near when you see the camellias in flower at a festival with parti-coloured beans, tea and olive oil....

  • April

    Wildflowers dot the meadows, mountain slopes are fuzzy pale green and people emerge from their houses to congregate at spring festivals. Azaleas make a colourful...

  • May

    Early summer, full of promise. Milk from sheep grazing on fresh pastures makes the best pecorino cheese. Unripe farro, the primitive wheat of the mountains,...

  • June

    Hardworking bees were collecting acacia nectar in May, and at last it's ready for the beekeeper to extract from the hive. Black truffles may be...

  • July

    Summer is truly here and every village is celebrating with festivals, from suckling pig to farro (primitive wheat) to wine and bandits. They usually take...

  • August

    All Italy is on holiday in August. The third biggest holiday of the year is Ferragosto on the 15th. Villages, practically deserted in winter, suddenly...

  • September

    Early autumn and the warmth of summer lingers on. On the sunny slopes the vendemmia (grape harvest) and winemaking begin, while in the chestnut woods...

  • October

    This is a time of great activity in the hills surrounding the Lucca plain. The grape harvest is ending and the new wine is fermenting...

  • November

    White truffles can be found, with the help of a well-trained dog, from mid September until the end of December, but November is the only...

  • December

    Seasonal good cheer radiates everywhere. The new chestnut flour is finally flying off millstones and its arrival is celebrated in Castelnuovo, the capital of the...

Here's how it works

  • Decide when you want to take your vacation. Each season has its culinary and cultural excitements. Click the links above to see some sample tours.
  • Fill in the the Booking Form with information about you and your group and what you'd like to do on your holiday or Phone Us to discuss your plans.
  • We create a programme for the number of days you want to stay and give you a costing which includes accommodation, local transport, all visits to artisans and other activities, most meals and a friendly English-speaking guide. Only your international transport is excluded.
  • You tell us what you'd like to change (if anything) and we fine-tune the programme to suit your requirements and adjust the price if necessary.
  • Once you've agreed the itinerary and the fee, we email you a booking form which you fill in and return to us with a deposit. The balance is due 8 weeks before the start of the tour.


The price of an adventure depends on when you travel, how long you stay, what you choose to do and how many people are in your group. Please ask us to give you a quote.

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