Tours & Courses

Inspiring culinary tours of life behind the scenes that you won't find in any guidebook — get to know the food artisans and crafts people of Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria.

Tap into the full depth of Heather's insights and experience. Her lively curiosity has unearthed the electronically invisible heroes of food and drink. With her as your guide, you experience the thrill of discovery without the risk of missing the rough diamonds you might mistake for coal. If you've come to Italy for the gastronomic treat of a lifetime, you deserve a guide whose local knowledge and enthusiasm can make every minute of your trip more enjoyable and valuable.

Reserve your place now and unwind in the gentle pace of this unmodern world when you join Heather and her Italian friends and dip into a lifestyle where lunch is more important than business.

Small Group Tours

Get in step with the rhythm of the seasons on a revelatory learning tour in the breathtaking Italian countryside. You can enjoy every moment of your vacation without the stress of planning, while we show you an Italy that even a dedicated traveller would never find. Our 7- to 14-day tours give you time to participate in traditional methods...

Personalised Adventures

These fascinating learning holidays are specially designed for you and your family, friends, club or organisation — anyone who enjoys good food and drink and wants to find out where it comes from and how it's produced. We guide you to places you'd never find on your own in a magical land of 'il bello e il buono' (the...

Family Adventures

In Italy families delight in all aspects of food and enjoy convivial meals together. You and your children can experience these pleasures whilst staying on a farm or in a village and mixing with the locals. Pick wild blueberries, visit a beekeeper, make sausages and then barbecue them for dinner. We help you create a personal itinerary for your family...

Day Adventures

Even if you only have a day, you can meet an artisanal food producer, visit a handloom weaver, lunch in a family restaurant known only to the locals and tour a mediaeval mountain-top village or a villa garden. Each season has its own culinary and cultural excitements. For a taster click on the months below. With Heather as your...

Cooking Lessons

Immerse yourself in the food culture of Italy, and discover the age-old ways of cooking with a private lesson in an Italian family kitchen or your own apartment or villa. Add to your knowledge and enjoyment by visiting the local farms and workshops where the produce you use in your lesson is grown and made.

Courses with Artisans

Intensive courses for professionals and keen amateurs consisting of theoretical and practical sessions during which you learn with Italian professionals in your area of interest. Since there is a lot of hands-on practice, you return home being able to produce what you've been learning about. Course instructors are available after the course to answer questions by email. Meal times give...
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