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I just wanted to say thank you again for organising such a fabulous day for us on Friday, we all thoroughly enjoyed it, the highlight for all of us being the visit to Gabriella and Alfredo's house. This of course does not take away from the visit to the village and the winery, both of which were excellent. Mirko was an absolute delight! This was not because he spoke English, but because he was so engaging, genuine and he had a continuous smile to share.

Jenny Cummings & 2 adult daughters, Australia, 28 Dec 2012, Day Tour

The visit to Gemma and Cerasa farm inspired me to have a go at making cheese again and I made a small bit of cheddar a few weeks ago. I was too curious and we tried it far too soon (it was still rubbery and tasteless) but it looked like cheese, smelt like cheese and had the potential to taste like cheese so I am very pleased. I’ll certainly make more.

Alex Entzinger, Switzerland, August 2012, Family Adventure

I often think of the wonderful experiences Jane and I had in the Garfagnana because of you. Thank you for your excellent personalized program for the week. Our time with you was a definite success.

Barbara Graham, USA, September 2012, Personalised Adventure

We have very fond memories of our weekend with you, it was a real highlight of our holiday, so many special experiences.

Lynette and Grace Mollard, Australia, September 2013, Personalised Adventure

Thank you to both you and Giancarlo, we had a fantastic and educational time with you guys. Every class was informative, the norcini were fantastic, generous with their knowledge as were you and Giancarlo. I do believe Sapori e Saperi is doing a wonderful service to artisan salumi producers, by exposing them to the world and allowing outsiders into their inner sanctum. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in furthering their knowledge of (in particular Tuscan style) salumi.

James Mele, butcher, The Meat Room, Australia, February 2014

Both you and Giancarlo are passionate, enthusiastic people delivering a truly memorable course. The norcini we met were true artisans with a lot of skill and enthusiasm which is always fantastic for me to see. I have come back to the UK with a new deeper understanding of air drying pork products. I must say the first evening’s meal, at Gabriella's home was FABULOUS, a definite highlight!

Carl Slingsby, butcher, Greedy Little Pig, UK, January 2014

I want to thank you so much for making my visit to these parts so memorable—the artisan visits have all been excellent, and the artisans themselves so engaging and inspiring.

Alison Lansley, Australia, September 2013, Cheese, Grain & Wine

Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful tour. We all had a great trip! As much as we have enjoyed everything that we have seen, and done (and eaten), the best part is who we have met and shared stories with.

Joanne Loui, Canada, May 2013, Tastes & Textiles

I joined the course with Heather last May as a break from home, my husband was very ill. It was the most wonderful week! We had the privilege to meet many people in their own homes and experience their passion and enthusiasm for their cheese, textiles, bread, life. The small group allowed us to be flexible and experience things a larger group would not be able to — hands on cooking, dinner in a family home. The people on the course had an interest in textiles, weaving, dyeing, woodworking making looms and spindles, as well as other varied interests. Spending a week with this group, I have met people from Canada and Vienna as well as the UK. I am currently booking my next course for next spring.

Jenny Phillips, England, May 2013, Tastes & Textiles

Amazing people make amazing things happen. I fully recommend this course to anyone who wants to see fine Italian meats in action, eyes wide open!! I'm blown away at the amount I have taken from this. Giancarlo Russo and Heather Jarman delivered an in-depth look at the production and the practices of some very knowledgeable Artisans. Loved every minute. If you get the chance or have time, the extension to this course is the cream of the lardo! I met a 4th-generation family up in the hills above a small wine valley. This guy, his dad and uncle and the mum and aunt are truly spot on Salumi.

Drew Howard, pork butcher, Beijing, China, October 2013, Advanced Salumi Course & Extension

The most unfortunate part of our trip was that we were only able to spend two days with Heather (Erica). Her passion for the Tuscan culture is exemplified by the lasting friendships she has created with the local artisans. As a result of these relationships, we were able to enter into these artisans' homes and learn about and participate in their crafts. Words cannot describe the intimate, personable experience that she provides. If you want a unique and memorable experience, Heather will exceed any expectation.

Kellie Lagasse & Eric DeRoche, USA, August 2013

This is the most relaxing vacation we have ever taken. We even forgot what day it is! What a varied number of experiences. Heather has shown us an Italy we could never have seen on our own.

Bryan & Victoria Poppe, USA, September 2012, Autumn Harvest

We had a fantastic time learning with the butchers and this will help our plans to start delving into making some test products.

Jon Gonzales, USA, November 2012, Advanced Salumi Course

We had such a wonderful time with you, Marzio, Paolo and Ercolano. This was certainly one of the best days of our trip to Italy. I so admire the relationships you have built with the people we met. This is what it is all about. How wonderful to be in a foreign place and be welcomed as we were. It was delightful to be able to participate in and learn from what they do. We will have happy memories of baking bread with Paolo for a long time to come. And Daniela fed us well—it was so nice to have a home cooked meal while travelling!

Liz Rosenberry, USA, March 2012, Day Adventure

I am so happy to have found Heather before I took my first group to Lucca. Everyone who has been on one of her outings says it was the absolute best day of their week with me. She is so knowledgable and the perfect guide to the Garfagnana.

Janie Trayer, USA, Bella Bagni di Lucca Blog, August 2012

Thank you so much for having created such a memorable and unique travel experience. There were so many highlights in this tour, it's difficult to say which my favourite was. I feel I have seen sides of Tuscany which I would never have discovered if I was travelling by myself. Your local knowledge and connections to the community has made the whole experience much more authentic.

YL, Canada, October 2012, Truffles, Olive Oil & Chestnuts

I can’t let this opportunity pass without thanking you for an amazing six days and telling you that you have a fantastic product in the salumi course. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it and feel invigorated after it with an appetite for rolling up my sleeves and getting down to curing and ageing. I found the extension day extremely valuable as an addition to the main course. The norcini we visited were very knowledgeable, skilled and made salumi in a completely different manner to all the previous ones we visited. I would recommend that anyone with the time available cannot afford to miss the opportunity to do the extension.

Tim McCarthy, McCarthy's of Kanturk, Ireland, January 2012, Advanced Salumi Course

We have really been looking forward to our ‘Day with Heather’ and it exceeded our expectations. Thanks for showing us some of the special artisans in this beautiful corner of the world and for helping us really ‘feel’ and experience the area.

Kristine Antoon, USA, June 2012, Day Tour

Many thanks for a fantastic day! We never would have managed to find the Cascio sagra on our own nor experienced it so fully without you as our guide.

Nerzig family, USA, May 2012, Day Tour

Beyond fabulous — from the earth — love it all — your passion is deep as is your knowledge — so happy to be part of your tour and to meet you.

Janice, USA, April 2012, Day Tour

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