Making tourism work to sustain the rural economy and the people

Making tourism work to sustain the rural economy and the people

You will encounter an endangered lifestyle which we don’t want to disappear

Join in with the locals

Join in with the locals

Pick grapes and olives with the estate owner, bake bread with the village baker, cut the cheese curd with the shepherd, cook with Italian mammas, party at village festivals

Inspiring culinary tours of life behind the scenes that you won’t find in any guidebook

Inspiring culinary tours of life behind the scenes that you won’t find in any guidebook

Get to know the food artisans and crafts people of Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont and Liguria

Let Italy surprise you

Let Italy surprise you

Discover a gentle way of life, a generosity of spirit and the enjoyment of simple pleasures

Enjoy Italy’s cultural and natural heritage

Enjoy Italy’s cultural and natural heritage

Music, art, architecture, gardens, shopping and walks in glorious countryside


Sapori e Saperi Adventures are vacations for people who daydream about finding a shepherdess on a hillside with her flock and being transported to her cantina to watch her make pecorino cheese; people who can't stare at a bottle of olive oil without wondering when and how the olives are picked, pressed and bottled; people who love to cook and eat.

The Adventures open locked doors to a brand new palette of exquisite flavours (sapori) and new skills and knowledge (saperi).

Sign up for one of our seasonal small-group tours or contact us to arrange a personalised tour for you or your group from a day to as long as you like.

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Breaking News

  • Discount on two places on the Tastes & Textiles tour

    I’ve just had a last-minute cancellation on the TASTES & TEXTILES tour in Tuscany (31 May to 8 June 2015). Due to medical reasons a couple has had to cancel their booking leaving two vacant places. Since their travel insurance will cover their deposits, I can give you a 200 EUR discount on each booking. For full details please go to http://www.sapori-e-saperi.com/small_group_tours/tastes-textiles/ and click on the tabs below the introductory paragraph. Not only will you get the discount, but since the Euro is so low right now, it’s the perfect time to save money on travel to Europe.
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  • Cigar Smokers and Lovers of Tuscany

    Friday 28 August – Monday 7 September 2015 You’ll also love our brand new Tuscan Cigar tour that takes you to the best of Tuscany. See all the details here: http://www.sapori-e-saperi.com/small_group_tours/tuscan-cigar/
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Heather’s Blog

  • Generosity

    On 23 December as I looked over my menu for Christmas lunch, I was struck by the generosity of my Italian friends and producers. I realised I didn’t have to buy most of the ingredients I needed! They were gifts people had thrust upon me over the last two or three months, not just Christmas presents, but as part of their culture of giving. You share what you have, especially what you make yourself. To find out the story behind the gifts read my new blog over at Slow Travel Tours: http://slowtraveltours.com/blog/generosity/
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  • Seasonal Eating: Cardoons Revisited

    In England when I used to prepare historical feasts for Christopher Hogwood and the Academy of Ancient Music, I pined futilely for a cardoon farmer. Cardoons cropped up regularly in recipes of the 17th and 18th centuries. I finally persuaded a friend to grow them on his allotment, but he planted them next to his artichokes, which are nearly identical, and couldn’t remember which was which. In culinary terms it matters; you eat the flower of an artichoke, but the stem of a cardoon. I can’t find any advice on what would happen if you ate the stem of […]
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  • Autumn in Tuscany

    I can never decide which season I like best. The one I’m in always wins. Here are five reasons to love autumn.     Hunting for white truffles with Riccardo and Turbo… You can do all these things with me (perhaps not sweeping my terrace), during my new small-group tour called ‘Autumn in Tuscany’. Read more about it in my blog on the Slow Travel Tours website at http://slowtraveltours.com/blog/autumn-in-tuscany/ and see all the details at http://www.sapori-e-saperi.com/small_group_tours/autumn-in-tuscany/ (click on the row of tabs below the introduction). It’s my favourite season… until winter arrives.
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Tours & Courses

  • Small Group Tours

    Special interest tours for fibre and textile enthusiasts, connoisseurs of the Tuscan cigar and the excellent food and wine of Tuscany.
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  • Personalised Adventures

    These fascinating learning holidays are specially designed for you and your family, friends, club or organisation
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  • Family Adventures

    In Italy families delight in all aspects of food and enjoy convivial meals together. You and your children can experience these pleasures whilst…
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  • Day Adventures

    Even if you only have a day, you can meet an artisanal food producer, visit a handloom weaver, lunch in a family restaurant known only to the locals and…
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  • Cooking Lessons

    Immerse yourself in the food culture of Italy, and discover the age-old ways of cooking with a private lesson in an Italian family kitchen or your own apartment or villa.
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  • Courses with Artisans

    Intensive courses for professionals and keen amateurs consisting of theoretical and practical sessions during which you learn with…
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  • We had the most wonderful time on our tour. I knew I would enjoy myself but I was blown away by how…

    Kaye & Bryan Dillon, Australia

  • It was truly a perfect honeymoon, and a once in a lifetime holiday….

    Kimberly Tortorice & Jay Hochman, USA

  • It was one of those magical trips for me that you can’t really ever re-live…

    Libby Saylor, USA


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